taste of Västnyland

Follow us on a culinary trip through Västnyland

Welcome to a culinary trip through Västnyland. We offer genuine gastronomic experiences, beautiful imagery and unforgettable memories. Västnyland is the home of local food experiences.

In 2019, our book “Smaka på Västnyland” was elected Best Nordic Culinary Book by the Culinary Academy of Sweden. Its authors and Slow Food Västnyland want to show you the terroir of Västnyland and the origins of its unique produce. We visit farms and restaurants, cheesemakers and breweries, REKO deliveries and summer markets, farm shops and delis. And naturally also our pride and joy, the Slow Food Festival in Fiskars.

The book’s editor Bitte Westerlund is a local food enthusiast and a communications steam engine, whose roots are deeply embedded in the fertile Västnyland soil.

Other contributors to the book include Daniela Andersson, Henrik Ekberg, Matias Kaihovirta, Tarja Kvarnström, Berit Mariani-Cerati, Catherine Munsterhjelm and Anna Paljakka. The local photographer Kevin Stewart and many others have contributed with photographs, texts, recipes and ingredients. The book has been designed by Eva Tordera Nuño and is available in Swedish and Finnish.