Slow Food Festival 2024 - For exhibitors

Threshing House, Fiskars
5–6 October, 10 am–4 pm

Information for exhibitors at the Slow Food Festival

A warm welcome to exhibitors and vendors at the Slow Food Festival in Fiskars!

This year, the Slow Food Festival is being organized for the 13th time in Western Uusimaa and for the fourth time in the Threshing House in Fiskars. This year, we are meeting under the theme ‘better soil, better food,’ encouraging discussion around the importance of biodiversity. During the festival, speakers will approach the theme from different angles.

The Threshing House in Fiskars offers a rustic and rural setting. In recent years, thousands of visitors have shopped for everything from root vegetables, pumpkins, and seasonal vegetables to flour, chocolate, kombucha, and Christmas ham. Join us and offer festival visitors the diverse flavors that Uusimaa and Southwest Finland offer.

The number of visitors usually amounts to more than 5,000 people spread over both days. This year, we are putting extra effort into marketing, and we are happy to collaborate with exhibitors, for example, through short presentations and interviews on our website and social media before the festival.

Got questions? Send us an e-mail or call Karin Lindroos, Project Manager Slow Food Festival 2024 +358400477035

Food producers from Uusimaa & Southwest Finland can participate at Slow Food Festival

Criteria: The food products sold at the festival must be processed in Uusimaa or Southwest Finland and/or the raw material must be produced in the region. Exemptions for non-food sales can be made for directly related products, such as sheepskin and linseed oil soap. Products should have clear descriptions of, among other things, ingredients, production method and cultivation method.

A sustainable Slow Food Festival

Sustainability issues in food production are at the heart of the festival. We want the festival to be as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible and to provoke thought and discussion about the impact of our food and consumption habits on the world around us. Therefore, we encourage exhibitors to recycle, avoid unnecessary packaging materials, and use nature-friendly decorations during the festival.

Size & Price of Exhibit Spaces

Please familiarise yourself with the size and price of the exhibit spaces below. Register by filling out the form using the link below. The form should be completed by Friday, September 6th, 2024, at the latest, but preferably earlier, so that we can promote your participation in the festival in good time!

Category 1

Threshing House

Sales area approximately 3 x 2 metres: 200 euro + VAT (24 %)

+ 1 spot = 380 euro + VAT (24 %)

+ 2 spots = 540 euro + VAT (24 %)

+ 3 spots = 700 euro + VAT (24 %)

Category 2


Sales tent/table/truck maximum 4 x 4 or 2 x 6 metres:

150 euro + VAT (24 %)


Category 3


maximum 4 x 4 or 2 x 6 metres:

150 euro + VAT (24 %)

Communal seating for all restaurants is organised by Slow Food Västnyland. Cleaning of the dining tables and waste sorting at the dining area are also included in the price. Electricity is charged extra, more information below. 

Exhibitors are allocated exhibit spaces by the festival organizers. A location map is sent out a few weeks before the festival. If you already have a favourite spot at the festival, we will take your request into account as far as possible, but we reserve the right to make changes compared to previous years. Spot requests by Slow Food Västnyland members are taken into account in the first instance.


What is included and not included in the exhibitor fee?

The exhibitor fee includes space rental, marketing of the event by Slow Food Västnyland and Fiskars Village, organizer’s permit, and security. We still encourage you to have your stands, goods, and equipment insured, as we cannot insure exhibitors’ property. Parking is free for exhibitors and vendors. Slow Food Västnyland handles the application for marketing authorization from the health authorities. You must bring your own table, fridge, chairs, and decorations as an exhibitor. Electricity for your own fridge or a small space in a fridge space can be ordered separately; price info is below.

Revenue from the exhibitor fee covers around 50% of the costs of organizing the festival.

We offer the following additional services:

  • Electricity for small fridges: 30 euro + VAT (24 %)
  • Electricity 16A 3-phase: 60 euroa + alv (24 %)
  • Access to on-site fridge, limited space: 20 euro + VAT (24 %)
  • Tables (limited amount): 10 euro + VAT (24 %)

Electricity for charging mobile phones, computers etc is included in the price, and there are sockets near most of the display tables.

Note! No café activities and coffee sales on site – all café activities at the Slow Food Festival are organized by Slow Food Västnyland. The sale of alcoholic beverages should be discussed separately with the festival project manager Karin Lindroos.

Member discount

As a member of Slow Food, you will receive a 10% discount on the exhibitor fee. You can register as a member of Slow Food here. 

Exhibitors that have not paid their invoices from previous events cannot participate.

Fiskars Village

Just over an hour west of Helsinki, in the heart of Raseborg, you will find Fiskars Village. Founded as early as the 17th century, the mill is now known as a centre for local food experiences, indigenous design and art. In the unique mill environment you will find restaurants, cafés, various shops, hotels, a playground and much more.